Mel Schranz was born in Freemont, California and currently works there in his third generation family shmata business. He is a regular contributor to the letters page of his local newspaper and spends his free time jamming with friends at the neighborhood bar under the collective name GROUND ZERO. His adolescent love for Kiss, Zeppelin, and Uriah Heep has never left him. He was turned onto Rock ‘n’ Roll by his older brother who persuaded him at an early age that he was the lead singer in Boston.

Mervyn Tonin is a music writer, historian, and phlebotomist based in Brooklyn, New York. According to his ex-girlfriend, he is blessed with “the body of Howard Jones, the mind of Nik Kershaw, and the face of Allison Moyet.” His influences include Heaven 17, Shalamar, and the Dixie Chicks.