Vegas Era Elvis

Marco Cegile, Maplewood, New Jersey

The Elvis thing was in my life for years. It started when I was quite young, perhaps 5 or 6 and went on until I was about 11. That's a dog's age in terms of a kids' attention span. My Elvis was
"Vegas Elvis." I didn't have a jumpsuit, just a regular suit and some gold chains I'd borrow from my dad. It all began at family gatherings like Christmas, thanksgiving, etc. but quickly became a fixture whenever a large crowd of any kind gathered at our house. My brother Tony would be on drums and my cousin Paola would be singing back up while my oldest brother worked "sound" aka playing 8-Tracks of the songs as backing. I even started writing my own songs which the crowd were patient enough to sit through while waiting for more familiar numbers.

The show stopped when I got older. When I hit 12 or so the bit suddenly felt long dusty. It was definitely over when I discovered heavy metal in my teens and I realized that despite truly being a captive audience, my family had no interest in watching me put on my motorcycle jacket and combat boots and belting out a rendition of Metallica's "Sanitarium" while they digested their Thanksgiving turkey.


Anonymous said...

What year is the photo from?
Maplewood, NJ

"Elvis" - retired said...

1979 or so - maybe 80

ilikekola said...

Dude I live in maplewood nj when did you live here?