Only One, Central Jersey, 1995

Jordan Dollak writes: We formed during Freshman year at Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School (Central NJ). We had three guitarists, and a drummer, and a lead singer who still had his braces. We attempted to come up with names in a variety of ways using scrabble letters to help conjure some good words. For a short time, we strongly considered using Sour Rhyme. A friend of mine said that it sounded like we should be wearing black tights with lime-green turtlenecks. The name Only One came from something our gym teacher would say. He was really crabby, and when anyone did something he didn't like, he would deduct a point from their grade reinforcing the punishment by raising a finger from each hand to represent the "-1," after which he would announce by rote the legendary phrase, "Don't worry... it's only one."

Our first step was to perform some covers. Champagne Supernova begat Wonderwall, which begat Don't Look Back In Anger. At this point, we drew the line with the Oasis covers and began to write our own material. Jordan our guitarist took the helm.

But during Sophomore year, there was tension in the band. Jon had gotten a girlfriend and was missing practices. By two votes to one, we decided to vote him out. I was the only one who voted against, but it was decided that I would be the one to call him and break the news of his ouster, based on the fact that I was the only one who didn't have any classes with him that year. I don't remember much about it other than it was brief and curt. He still resents me. He does not resent the others.

The photo at top was taken after Jon's ouster. Left to Right. Tom, now living in Vermont, Jordan, now a University Database manager, Eric, now golf department manager at a Sports Authority in NJ. The pillow is Tom's Mom's. Enjoy one of Only One's cuts and relive the magic of "Now You'd Say."


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